Examinations Department

Examinations Department
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London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI)

Education Development International 
International House
Siskin Parkway East
Middlemarch Business Park
Coventry CV3 4PE
United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 024 7651 8951

website: http://www.lcci.org.uk/


Click here to download LCCI Series 2 2016 application

Click here to download LCCI on Demand April 2016 application



The London Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) offers vocational qualifications in secretarial and commercial examinations.

The examinations are held locally three times a year, Series 2 held in April, Series 3 in June and Series 4 in November.

Time of Examination

The time (morning or afternoon) for each examination paper is set by the Examinations Department taking into consideration the time of examination of other Examining Boards.

Syllabus and other support material for the London Chamber of Commerce  & Industry subjects may be seen at
http://www.lcci.org.uk/ .